sorter motors


Agile infeed and outfeed of smallest totes due to
high roller density
MTA Sorter Motors SFFolder 15+25W S4
  • Idividual speed control of each other motor by the MTA multi-channel controller
  • Long life time and maintenance free
  • Flexible structure thanks to scalable electronic and motor designs
  • Cost reduction through sensorless technology
Performance data
Power15 W und 25 W
Voltage24 VDC und 48 VDC
Speed0 - 2.5 m/s
Clamping length30, 52, 69 mm
Diameter51 mm
MTA Sorter Motors SFFolder Zeichnung Sort 15+25W S4


  • e.g. 45° sorting gor containers, packages and plybags
  • 90° outfeed for transfer elements