with MTA


with MTA

Turning old into new!

Modernizing old conveyor technology with the most innovative and modern drive components from MTA improves its performance, precision and sustainability. Retrofitting plays a key role in the sustainable use of existing resources and reducing the need for new components.


Outdated mechanisms are replaced by intelligent systems that increase efficiency and minimize maintenance. This replacement enables optimum control of energy consumption by using energy only when it is actually needed.

Retrofitting using high-tech MTA components allows inefficient systems to be modernized and brought up to the current state of the art.

This saves energy, reduces CO2 an promotes sustainability

By replacing inefficient pneumatic and mechanical components with state-of-the-art drive components from MTA, the energy balance of the system is significantly improved.

Low financing costs, rapid return on ivestment

Retrofitting with MTA drive technology is a cost-effective way to improve existing systems and thus achieve a fast ROI.

Increases productivity

Integrating new technologies into existing systems with more advanced functions boosts performance and increases competitiveness.

Increased service life of the conveying system

Targeted modernization and adaptation of existing systems and the associated longer service life significantly improve economic efficiency.

The reduction of noise emissions

Gearless and therefore low-noise motorized rollers allow older systems to be adapted to work more quietly and in a more environmentally friendly way.

Improvement of work quality

Retrofit creates quiet, clean working conditions, improves the health of employees and promotes their well-being through environmentally friendly ambient conditions.

Minimum number of spare parts, low warehousing costs

A significantly lower number of components required compared to outdated systems leads to a longer service life and a reduction in storage costs.

Plug & Play implementation using MTA drive technology

The retention of existing sensors and simple and quick installation of MTA technology using plug & play enables smooth modernization.