Diversity broadens the horizon

MTA builds on the diversity of different people and cultures.

Companies in all industries rely on human diversity. It is no different with us. A colorfully mixed, homogeneous workforce promotes lateral thinking and enhances creative and innovative potential. The profitable handling of personal as well as cultural diversity works and enriches our entire company immensely.

In recent years, we have become a strong, regional employer: Of the current 45 employees – with an upward trend – with an average age of 32 years, half come from the region (district of Perg, Amstetten, Linz area, Ennsdorf, .), which we are proud of.

What we are particularly pleased about is that the desired and also necessary diversity in our company works. In the meantime, people from many nations find their workplace with us. They come, for example, from China, Peru, Hungary, Croatia, Turkey, Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia. With six different nationalities, the production department is probably the most multicultural. We are thus making a clear statement for openness and international diversity.

Diversity as a valuable resource. In a globalized world with international markets and increasing migration, we see diversity as a valuable resource and opportunity that we are happy to use proactively. We select employees according to two criteria: Qualifications and whether they fit into the “MTA family”. It is not absolutely necessary to have a degree in your pocket. In addition to sound qualifications, even non-academic ones, it is just as important to us that someone grows into his or her tasks with empathy and an overview, and possibly beyond. That’s why MTA employs people from a wide variety of backgrounds and educational backgrounds. For us as a global player, other ways of thinking and approaches, which are brought into the company and promoted through diversity, are valuable.